Dental Treatment Prices Turkey

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Turkey—the small Mediterranean country at the point where Europe meets the Middle East—is emerging as a prime destination for dental tourism. Turkey might be the unlikeliest country to go and get your teeth whitened. But patients from western countries like the US, Germany, and the UK, are flocking to Turkey for various types of dental procedures. Why? It’s the cost.

Dental care in Turkey is considered a lot more affordable compared to countries in Western Europe or North America. In the US, in particular, costs of healthcare in general is expensive. Cosmetic dental treatments, such as implants or smile makeovers, are expensive even in countries with universal healthcare, like Germany and Canada. Patients who aren’t covered by government or private insurance providers are seeking care in Turkey to benefit from lower out-of-pocket costs.

Read along to learn more about price comparisons between Turkey and other developed countries when it comes to various cosmetic dental treatments. Find out in the end whether you should travel to Turkey for dental care.

Prices for Minor Cosmetic Treatments in Turkey

You can find any type of cosmetic dental treatment in Turkey. Minor cosmetic dental procedures include laser teeth whitening, getting braces or dentures, and scaling and polishing treatments. Minor procedures are generally low-cost compared to major dental treatments like getting implants. However, patients can enjoy budget-friendly prices even for these procedures in Turkey.

Prices for these procedures vary by clinic of course. But in general, you can get a laser teeth whitening done in Turkey for between 100 to 300 Euros. In comparison, the procedure may cost up to 700 Euros in the UK, where NHS doesn’t offer teeth whitening treatments. In the US, laser teeth whitening can cost up to $1,000, or about 800 Euros. You can save significantly by getting this procedure done in Turkey.

Cosmetic dentures, made form acrylic for upper or lower jaw, costs around 1,400 Euros in Germany and Belgium. In comparison, the same procedure costs 500 to 700 Euros in Turkey, allowing you to save nearly half of the costs. The prices of cosmetic dentures depend on the material chosen. In Turkey, the prices are generally lower even for high-end products compared to western European countries.

A scaling and polishing procedure in the US could cost between $80 and $200. In Turkey, the procedure costs around 50 Euros, or $50 to $60. Tooth extractions in Turkey could cost as low as $25.

Costs of Veneers and Lumineers

Dental veneers and lumineers are popular cosmetic procedures that allow patients to alter the color, shape, and appearance of teeth. Because these are cosmetic procedures, most government healthcare plans don’t cover costs. Patients, therefore, would have to spend hefty amounts at private dental practices.

The cost of veneers and lumineers depend on the material used. For comparison purposes, this article uses average costs.

In Turkey, getting a porcelain veneer costs around 150 Euros. In Germany and UK, the cost is double in Euros. In the US, a porcelain veneer may cost around $300. The costs would go higher depending on how many you get.

Costs for lumineers is slightly cheaper. In Turkey, you might be able to get these for around 100 Euros. Double that price for western European counties and the US or Canada. In the UK, NHS may not pay for procedures like lumineers, in which case you would have to resort to expensive private clinics that cost a lot.

Dental Crowns, Bridges, and Dentures Costs in Turkey

Dental crowns for bridges in Turkey cost around 200 Euros. High-end dental crowns may cost up to 500 Euros. But if you go to a private dentist in the UK for a crown, your cost may be as high as 600 Euros. In the US, getting a crown costs $500 to $3,000 per tooth.

The high price of dental crowns, bridges, and dentures can be attributed to the fact that these products have to be designed in the lab. The dentist may require x-rays and 3D scans, which costs a lot of money. Most of the price tag arises from clinic fees rather than the cost of the crown itself. In Turkey, clinic and lab fees are often much lower in comparison.

Some dental clinics in Turkey offer free initial consultations, so you can save up on several hundred Euros or dollars just for going to see the dentist. Unlike in the US, Turkish clinics don’t have a practice of charging for rental equipment or third-party labs. Most clinics have their own lab, so the cost of the treatment is kept at a highly affordable range.

How Much Do Dental Implants Cost in Turkey?

Dental implants are a very popular treatment option for replacing missing teeth. The implant consists of a titanium screw-like device. However, for most patients, getting a dental implant also means restoring a missing tooth fully with a crown and an abutment.

Dental implants are particularly costly in countries like the US, where getting a single implant can cost anywhere between $3,000 to $6,000. With the crown and the abutment, a dental implant could cost over $4,000 per tooth. You can expect similar prices in British or German private clinics.

In Turkey, the average price for getting a dental implant is around 800 Euros, or about $800 to $1,000. Popular implant brands like Nobel Biocare is available for around $1,200 in Turkey, whereas the cost can be more than thrice that price in the US.

Branded implant procedures to replace multiple missing teeth, such as All-on-4 cost between $25,000 to $35,000 in the US. In Turkey, All-on-4 implants with porcelain bridges have a starting cost of around 8,000 Euros, or close to $10,000. Cosmetic procedures like All-on-4 are rarely covered by insurance policies. Therefore, you can literally save thousands of dollars on these in Istanbul compared to London or New York.

Patients should not that dental clinics in Turkey use the same branded products as in other countries. If you are getting All-on-4 implants, Turkish clinics offer the same product as what the German clinics offer. The cost for the branded implant itself isn’t lower. But associated fees keep the costs down in Turkey, whereas these third-party fees only inflate the costs in the US.

Comparing Prices in Turkey for Surgical Dental Treatments

Surgical dental treatment costs vary in complexity of the procedure, how many specialists you need to consult with, and operating theatre costs for treatments that require sedation. In the UK, dental surgery can cost up to 700 Euros per hour. In the US, costs are quite high because of rather inflated specialist and surgical fees. In Turkey, costs are sometimes less than a third of what is typical in a country like the US.

Consider for example, a sinus lift surgery, which involves bone grafting, done before receiving implants in some patients. This procedure can cost between $1,500 to $2,500 per side in America. Whereas in Turkey, sinus lifting could cost as low as $500.

Another example, cosmetic gum contouring, which is not covered by insurance plans. In the US, cosmetic gum contouring could cost around $50 to $350 per tooth. In Turkey, prices rarely go over 60 Euros (or $55) per tooth. You can save hundreds of dollars by getting this procedure done in Turkey.

Are Branded Dental Products Cheaper in Turkey?

The cost of dental procedures depend on the products used as well. For example, if you are getting implants, the cost of the implant would factor into the cost of the procedure. So do dental products like veneers, braces, bridges, or artificial teeth cost less in Turkey?

If the dental product is branded, meaning offered by a third-party manufacturer, the cost would roughly be the same in Turkey compared to other countries. That’s because legitimate Turkish clinics don’t use counterfeit products in place of brands like Nobel Biocare or Straumann.

Costs of custom-designed products like veneers and crowns will be cheaper in Turkey because of lower lab charges. But branded ones will not be.

Why is Dental Care in Turkey Cheap Compared to Other Developed Countries?

Dental treatments in Turkey cost less than half as in the US or western Europe for the same procedure? At first glance, it almost sounds too good to be true. But dental costs in Turkey are not low because of mere circumstance. Here are several reasons why dental care costs a lot cheaper in Turkey compared to many other countries:

Lower Clinical Fees

The primary reasons why dental treatments are affordable in Turkey is because of lower clinical fees. Even at private establishments, Turkish dentists don’t charge a lot. Local patients in Turkey don’t spend a lot of money on dentists. As a result, dentists have to offer lower rates to attract clients. Foreigners, thus, can benefit too.

Additionally, overall healthcare costs in Turkey are low compared to a market-driven system like in the US. Dentists can pass on these cost savings to patients.

Lack of Third-Party Charges

In the US, in particular, patients are burdened with additional fees on their bills after visiting a dental clinic. Dental equipment is very expensive in the America. As a result, dentists may slap a rental charge on equipment, passing on usage costs to the patients.

Other third-party costs can stack up when you calculate fees for labs, assistants, dental hygienists, and so on. Third-party fees are virtually non-existent in Turkey, as is in other European countries. Patients don’t end up with inflated bills here.

Currency Exchange Advantage

In Turkey, fees are charged in lira at most clinics. The Euro, the US dollar, and the Canadian dollar trades at higher rates against the lira. So if your bank account is in any of these currencies, you can benefit from the currency exchange rate in Turkey.

It might give you a slight advantage. But when you have to pay over $10,000 for a product like an implant, the small advantage could result in huge savings.

Calculating Travel Costs

In addition to the costs of treatments, you will have to calculate travel costs to go to Turkey as well. Turkey is a tourism-oriented country. Therefore, airfare and accommodation is surprisingly cheap in the country. You can find decent, non-budget accommodation options for as low as $100 to $200 per night.

Airfare is similarly cheap, especially if you travel from Europe. A round-trip ticket from North America often costs less than $1,000. Airfare and accommodation would be especially cheap during the off-season, when tourist arrivals are low because of lack of sunny weather. Dental travelers can take advantage of these off-season prices to save up on hundreds of dollars spent on traveling alone.

Generally speaking, Turkey is cheap to travel to even in the height of the tourist season. You can benefit more if the clinic you choose offers free transportation from the hotel to the clinic, or discounted accommodation options for signing up as a patient. Many clinics offer such perks to attract foreign patients that you can definitely take advantage of.

Should You Go to Turkey for Your Dental Treatment?

Is it really worth it to travel to Turkey to get dental treatment. It really depends on whether your insurance plan or government policy covers the treatment.

Medically necessary dental treatments, like emergency tooth extractions or gum disease surgery, are covered by most insurance policies in the US. In countries like Canada or UK, government health policies cover medically necessary treatments. At least, you can obtain the services at a highly discounted rate.

The same doesn’t apply to cosmetic dental treatments, which improve the appearance of your smile, but doesn’t offer significant medical benefits. Popular dental treatments like veneers, crowns, implants, and professional teeth whitening are largely considered cosmetic treatments. So you have to pay for these out of your pocket.

You can pay a lot less for cosmetic dental procedures in Turkey. While the travel costs may not always justify minor procedures, like a polishing, you can save significantly on major treatments like implants. You should compare total treatment costs, traveling included, to see whether you can actually save money by receiving dental care in Turkey.